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Welcome to the home of Rattan Massage Tools, where we sell rattan massage tools to perform what is commonly referred to as bamboo massage or bamboossage. Use of bamboo or rattan sticks can provide the therapist the ability to provide a deep tissue massage while "saving" the therapist's hand by providing added leverage.

For videos on how to incorporate this technique see MassageNerd videos on YouTube.

Rattan will not dry out and crack like bamboo, so your massage tools will last considerably longer. Our rattan massage tools are made from hand picked (approximately 1 1/4 inch diameter) rattan. We cut to size and then coat with multiple coats of durable protective finish.

Our set of tools include a mixture of full round and half round in various lengths. Set includes:

Rattan Massage Tool Set Number of Pieces Description
2 5" half round
2 5" full round
1 15" half round
2 15" full round

Set sells for $80.00 US plus shipping and handling. Allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery. All orders filled in the order they were received. To order visit our Products Page

For more information contact us at: RattanMassage@gmail.com.

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